Bureau Central

Castle from the 13th century, destroyed in 1521 and 1642, rebuilt several times, dovecote from 1763 (the inscription 1767 legible on the pediment probably comes from other destroyed buildings).

In 1704 Jean-Martin Wendel acquired the dilapidated “Rodolphe” forges. He had the castle rebuilt on the immediate edge of the smelter site. The work was completed in 1720 and the castle consisted of a ground floor and two upper floors. The Trinity Chapel was built in 1727.

The estate then grew in line with the industrial empire. The castle was restored and altered by Humbert de Wendel (1876-1954). The original buildings were partly demolished in 1935 and rebuilt in a neoclassical style. Between the family castle and the Orangerie park, Wendel built a large neoclassical wing at the end of the 19th century, the “Bureau Central”

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