Decay Kingdom

An abandoned amusement park in Japan. We visited it during our trip in March 2018. Located in north Japan. During our visit was over 1 m of snow. Was definitely worth to visit. One of the best places during our Japan trip.
For this place, we changed half of the plan to go to Japan. We had to go there. When we got there in the afternoon, it turned out that we had to walk for 2 km. These 2 km were impossible to cover. I fell waist-deep in snow drifts.

The next day, we returned early in the morning when the temperature dropped below 0. The snow was covered with a layer of ice. We quickly covered half of the route to the forest. Unfortunately, the situation from the previous day was repeated there, we fell into the snowdrifts up to our knees. On all fours, using tripods, we reached the bridge leading to the hotel. We immediately saw a ladder leading to a window on the first floor. Natalia climbed without any problems, I fell knee-deep into ice water. The ladder stood flooded with water on the steps leading to the basement. I climbed the ladder, poured the water out of my shoe, and went exploring this kingdom of decay.

It was definitely worth it. A place worth nerving, falling waist-deep in snow. Wonderful decay, moss, smell of rot so strong you had to walk around wearing masks.

abandoned japan