Encore Garden (雅哥花園)

An abandoned amusement park in Taiwan. We visited it during our trip in September 2019.

Story of Encora Garden

Encore Garden (雅哥花園) was opened in 1981 and became one of the most popular attractions on the island. Up to a million visitors would come annually and the park built a reputation as a place to visit for a good day out.

Its downfall was connected to the destructive earthquake in September 1999. Earthquake killed 2,415 people, left a further 100,000 plus homeless and caused billions of dollars of damage. The park did reopen but it never returned to its glory days.
Many of its attractions, including expensive-to-maintain technical ones, were either damaged or destroyed by the quake and eventually financial issues and dwindling visitor numbers forced the owners to close Encore Garden. It finally closed due to financial reasons in 2008.

Visit and revisit

When have been there twice. First early morning sneaking to area. Took some photos, going further with exploring this area. Finally we reach some really decayed attractions. We knew that somebody is living on park area. But we didn’t knew that they have chicken cages next to us.
We were hiding some minutes in bushes but they finally found us. We didn’t found famous mask from Encore Garden. We were back there after one week. Now during drifting event. We parked on area. Person which are living there they started laughing when they saw us. Finally they let us on park area and we finished our photos.


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