Hidden in Kaukaz

An abandoned theatre in Georgia. We visited it during our trip in May 2019.

This abandoned theatre is hidden somewhere in mountains of Kaukaz. Is a part of bigger holiday resort.
On our map was a place to check. When we came there, we were looking form a theatre, not other parts of this complex.
We checked few buildings, nothing. I wanted to check some other places and I started going forward.
It was quite far, maybe 2, 3km from the place where were a rest of group. I had only in my mind “find a theatre, find a theatre”.
I found a theatre but rest of our group was looking for me. Of course I didn’t knew that and I was taking a pictures during sunset.
They were thinking that something was happens me…
when we found ourselves I was super happy and Nataly was really angry on my….
But fact that I found theatre compensated the whole situation.
We returned there again next day morning.


abandoned georgia