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Orient express

An abandoned orient express in Poland. We visited it during our trip in January 2018.
The Orient Express was a long-distance passenger train service created in 1883 by Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits. Thirteen luxury rail cars were abandoned in Poland for a very long time.
The train was sold to France in December 2018. This abandoned orient express was one of the most interesting places which we have occasion to visit.

About Orient Express

Though the final service ran only from Strasbourg to Vienna, it was possible to retrace the entire original Orient Express route with four trains: Paris–Strasbourg, Strasbourg–Vienna, Vienna–Belgrade, and Belgrade-İstanbul, each of which were operated daily. Other routes from Paris to İstanbul exist even today, such as Paris–Munich–Budapest–Bucharest–İstanbul, or Paris–Zürich–Belgrade–İstanbul, all of which have comparable travel times of approximately 60 hours without delays. Train services across the border to Turkey were stopped through several years due to construction works, but they were reintroduced in June 2017, however, ending in İstanbul’s suburb Halkalı, from where a transfer bus is provided to the city centre.

The train was an inspiration for Agatha Christie to write the book “Murder in Orient Express”.

Movie material from polish news from 1988.


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