Power plant of KS

An abandoned power plant in Poland. We visited it during our trip in 2016.
The history of the historic combined heat and power plant dates back to 1907 when the first commercial heat and power plant was commissioned in Łódź, which was to supply electricity for the needs of the city and factories. Karol Scheibler junior, whose father in Łódź created the largest industrial empire in Europe, decided to make his own factories independent of external energy supplies. In 1910, according to the design of Alfred Frisch, the Power Plant of the Cotton Products Society of K. W. Scibler was built. The designer broke with the neo-renaissance and neo-baroque style of factory buildings in Lodz, focusing on modernity and the prevailing styles: secession and modernism.

The building was supposed to intimidate and showcase the Scheilbler empire and the new era of electrification. Even today, when the glory years are past, it intimidates visitors, being a kind of industry cathedral. The power plant operated continuously until 2003. To this day, part of its technical equipment has survived, including the oldest turbine of the German company AEG from 1935.

Now the power station is under renovation.

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