Ribeira Grande Palace

An abandoned palace in Portugal. We visited it during our trip in March 2017. Ribeira Grande Palace was built by the Marquis of Nisa, D. Francisco Luís Baltasar da Gama, in the early 18th century. Later, the palace became the property of the Marquesas and Counts Ribeira Grande. During the several decades when the Palace was inhabited, several schools operated here. During the last decades of the 20th century and the first years of this century, the Ribeira Grande Palace was home to Queen D. Amélia Secondary School. Now the palace is during the renovation.

With Christopher, we were climbing over a gate. Then we were looking for a door to open from inside for girls. During that, we have to found a body, covered black plastic bag. Only the legs were outside…
Five minutes later, we have decided that can be a dead body. We were climbing again over the gate.
After discussion with our wives, we went to other spots. During the way, we saw homeless covered with plastic bags. After spot, we had back to the palace. Finally, it was homeless, not a dead body.

abandoned portugal